“Leaky Faucet, So What?” Think Again.

More often than not, some of us Australians neglect that little leaky faucet in our kitchen or bathroom thinking there is really nothing to be worried about. There are so many services that offer shower leak repairs in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and other cities and yet, we’re too lazy to pick up the phone to have it fixed. The truth of the matter is, what seems to be a small problem when put together, combine into gallons upon gallons of wasted water every year. In 2019, Australia experienced unprecedented levels of drought. It was “the hottest and driest year on record” according to Bloomberg which also resulted in some of the worst wildfires in history.

Slowly, bodies of water like the Murray Darling Basin that used to provide much-needed sustenance for agriculture, production, and sustainable living are now vanishing. There is a water crisis in Australia and that’s why a little leaky faucet actually matters.  If we neglect a leaky shower repair that is much needed, we can waste as much as a gallon per day. In a month, that’s already 30 gallons wasted or 365 gallons in a year. Multiply that to the number of households who have the same leaky problem and given per 2,000 households, we’ve already wasted 730,000 gallons in one year! That’s more than enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool. 

Conserving water is not just important, it is crucial for every Australian citizen. It starts with the responsibility of calling for services that provide shower leak repairs in Sydney or whatever city you are in if you know you have a plumbing problem with your shower. Bathrooms are very prone to leaks, so checks and maintenance of water pipes must be done on a regular basis. 

Leak prevention is another way to help conserve water. One of the simplest ways to do it is by waterproofing shower stalls and bathrooms. This is a wettest indoor area in your house so it really helps if you have good waterproofing for your tiles and walls. You can also add a smart sensor that detects the presence of water. This is useful when you are out of the house or on vacation.  

No matter where you are, there are shower leak repairs in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and in other areas that are hard hit by drought. You might not see it now but even the smallest leaks if addressed, will help ease the difficulty of losing precious water systems that keep Australia’s lands alive. Never neglect a simple leak for if we do, we will regret the future we are making today.