Chicken Charcoal in Granville: An Exciting Dining Experience You Will Never Forget

Granville is historically known as Parramatta junction as it is the final stop of the first railway line of New South Wales. Today Granville is a mixture of residential, commercial, and industrial development and commercial and residential areas are usually around areas of Granville Railway Station and Parramatta. It is also hosting a mixture of migrants from India, and Lebanon which pave the way to the introduction of Indian and Lebanese cuisines including the famous Granville Chicken Charcoal and the favorite side dish chicken and chips.

Chicken dish

Lebanon cuisine is among Granville’s favorite dishes. With more than 5 % of the population being or with Lebanese heritage, it is not surprising to see Lebanese restaurants and food stall be packed during lunch and dinner time around Granville’s commercial area. Chicken dishes such as chicken charcoal, chicken Shawarma, chicken skewer or Shish Tawook and the side dishes chicken potato or chicken and chips are among the top favorites not only of Lebanese but also of many Australians who through the years have learned to love and crave for Lebanese dishes.

Top Lebanese restaurants

Lebanese restaurants are among top-rated dining places around Granville. These restaurants offer delicious chicken charcoal that is perfectly grilled using charcoal and marinated in special Lebanese marinating sauce using special herbs and spices. Chicken restaurants in and around Granville have special chicken dishes in their menu while chicken stalls are for those who want to grab chicken dishes while on the go. These chicken dishes are served as ready-to-go grilled or BBQ chicken. Top charcoal chicken in Granville offers affordable charcoal chicken dishes and is good for two people and always comes with flatbread or chips and potato. These restaurants and chicken charcoal dining places are open from 10 in the morning and are serving until 12 midnight. Most are with family offerings and some have special buffet meals special during Sunday or Family Day and holidays.

Saucy, indulgent, and delicious is how people described Lebanese chicken charcoal. It is a sure taste buds pleaser and also healthy. Being marinated in the sauce using herbs such as lemon, garlic, and several authentic Lebanese spices and herbs, anyone would not feel guilty of over- indulgence. Chicken charcoal served with chicken and chips usually creates an array of colors, flavors, and texture which is a prelude to an exciting dining experience. If you happen to drop by in Granville, there is always a chicken restaurant or stall that would fill any hungry and chicken craving stomach and you’ll surely never forget the experience.

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