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The authors of this page are health care specialists, general physicians and nurse practitioners. As health care professionals, we would like to embark our knowledge and expertise on the proper way to take care of our health. Living in this modern generation means that there is a number of new information and advancements in the field of medicine, which the public should also know. As we have been exposed through all these innovations in the medical industry, it is our duty to share these relevant facts related to health care, treatment, prevention and control.

We have obtained our education and degree in different reputable universities in Australia. Upon finishing our studies, we continued in comprehensive internship in various hospitals and health care institutions around the country. Upon completion of our internship, we have been employed in the different hospitals, clinics and health care homes locally and internationally. Being exposed to all kinds of health problems and diseases makes us aware how important health care is. Therefore, every information written on the pages of this site is valid, truthful and based from real-life situations. Take time to browse on our site and we assure that you will learn a lot of helpful information pertaining to sickness prevention, health treatment and wellness methods.