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3 Ways to Maintain or Lose Weight Indoors

Being physically active has pushed so many people to be more fit and healthy in the past decade. We’ve seen the boom of 24/7 fitness hubs, diet food delivery, multifunctional workouts, obstacle courses, and countless fun runs and fitness events. But everything came to a grinding halt in 2020. Gyms started to lose clients. Fitness events got canceled, and our active lives were dramatically reduced to a life indoors with limited options for physical activity. We end up binging on Netflix after a hard day’s work. We can’t even travel or walk around to shed off those calories.

It’s true that it’s a challenge to stay fit indoors especially for people who used to be physically active outdoors. But there are still ways to compensate for these difficulties and adapt. Some have turned their homes into mini-gyms, some practice yoga or dancing, and it’s good to know that there’s still healthy food delivery in Sydney. So not all hope is lost. And if we match this with the following, we can still stay fit and healthy within our homes.

Control your calories

Food is our source of energy. For physically active people, we tend to consume more food to sustain our activities the whole day. But with reduced physical activity indoors, this means we also should reduce our calorie consumption. If we used to consume 1,800 calories before the pandemic (with a very active lifestyle), we might need to lower this to 1,500 calories. The good thing about staying to this new calorie goal is to go with healthy food delivery. Meal preps are already measured based on your calorie count so no more guessing.

Always choose healthy

If in the previous physically active years we had the luxury to go on a ‘cheat day’, this might not happen as often anymore now that we are less active than usual. This means switching to healthier food and sticking to it as often as possible especially when we need to have a strong immune system during the pandemic. While it is tempting for us to cook scrumptious meals every day, also consider diet food delivery which can still be delicious but more on the healthy side

Skip evening meals

Most diets ask for after 6 PM abstinence, of which you will only resume eating at 9 AM the next day. It’s generally healthy to eat within this window to give your body the time it needs to breakdown food into nutrients. Some who follow intermittent fasting usually skip dinner too. And since there is less physical activity indoors, you’re still probably burning the calories from lunch until the evening. So have your diet food delivery come at an earlier time so you can just take it easy at night.


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